Sandra Ramos Casasampera


I started with photography after many years of working in another sector that did not fill me, I decided to do what I really like, to take photos. I graduated in photography and started working as a freelancer.

My work is very much inspired by nature and everyday things. It also inspires me and I always go in search of light! I always try to look for beauty in everything I see. I am very attracted to the man/woman/nature relationship.

What I like most is portraying people, but I also like still life and landscape.
Professionally, I mainly do product, portrait and fashion photography. Also events.

What I like most is being able to develop my most creative part in all the projects I work on, which is why I often take care of the art direction myself.

I consider myself a photographer with a more artistic than technical profile, although technique is very important to my work. I work with a Nikon D810 and a medium-format analog Mamiya for some projects.