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Masha Sardari

Masha Sardari
I am originally from Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe. Currently, I live in Florida, USA. I am full time student at the University of North Florida and I create photos during my spare time in collaboration with my friends.  My style incorporates dramatic scenes, often darkly lit and focused on one or two subjects. The figures are often engaged in a surreal environment. The sense of a dream-like atmosphere is essential for my work. The use of a single, bright source of light that softly reveals the subject is characteristic of my photographs. Some of my wok is Bible-inspired in an abstract manner and draws on history to formulate the subject of the photo. The dominant colors are “Earth Colors” such as earthy browns, yellows, reds, and orange. Shades of deep green and almost black-brown are commonly seen throughout the work. Only a few photos include blue and violet hues. The photos are generally warm feeling due to the color selection. Additionally, I striv…

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