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Lena Pogrebnaya

Lena Pogrebnaya
I am born in Odessa, Ukraine.
I began to take an interest in photography while I had been studying architecture in our Academy. First of all I am architect and architecture is my main inspiration, especially architecture of modernism. Geometry, forms, materials, colors combine perfect compositions and the result contains the most important combination - functionality and soul.  In my photography I try to balance environment with human, and try to show that urban objects and nature shouldn't be opposed.
For me architectural forms are part of the nature — being creations of people, nature’s products themselves. A human being feels harmony both in the wild and urban environment. My models looks dignified in any site, and yet they are simply a unit of the surrounding just like everything else in the picture. I shoot analog photography, grain and interesting depth brings an unique atmosphere to outtakes. I always so excited of waiting for scans from the lab, when you a…

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